Benefits of a Gated Community

Benefits of a Gated Community


Apartment living is a good choice if you cannot afford to purchase a home or condo. Where your apartment is located and the cost to rent should be your two immediate concerns. For the uninformed, gated communities generally refers to an exclusive subdivision apartment complex with a gate that looks much like those you see at a toll booth. Most have a small “guardhouse” with a guard standing by to check visitors entering and leaving. About the only people who don’t have to have special permission to enter a gated apartment complex would be the police and fire department.benefits of a gated community There are many “pros and cons” about gated apartment living, and or the most part with a apartments for rent in Portland Oregon there are two kinds of people who prefer gated communities. Some of the negatives are that the homeowners association fees are higher, and often there is an additional cost for the guard out front of the units, as well. Since gated apartment communities are first and foremost useful to deter unwanted visitors, that can be circumvented quite easily by watching people entering the apartment complex and following the car in front. However, in many apartment units, that conundrum has been rectified by using updated security lights, and updated gates.

One of the major benefits of apartment living in a gated community is not only the peace of mind and safety aspect; whether it’s effective 100 percent of the time or not. And it truly is a comfort, especially to senior citizens, knowing that there is a gate between them and the outside world. Another benefit is knowing that there won’t be solicitors knocking on your door day or night asking for this and that. If they can’t get in, they can’t annoy you. Then there is the attraction for the younger set who can afford gated apartment living in telling a special girl or guy: “Oh, by the way. I live in that new golf course gated apartment community across town, so let me know when you want to visit, and I’ll put your name on the gatehouse list. Once we get to know each other better, I’ll give you the “gate code numbers” and you can zip right through.”

Gated apartment house living has its own set of rules and regulations. When you live there its green lights and blue skies. If you don’t you’ll need permission. Sometimes you’re the cake; sometimes you’re the frosting.

Security guard arrested in apartment shooting

apartment security Police have charged 23-year-old security guard Jose Benavides with murder a man at an apartment complex.

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